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Example: Investigating a Trend

Cannabis Convo offers a variety of resources to help researchers understand trends and the use of new keywords on Twitter. One of these resources is the What's Trending tool, which identifies the top 15 trending words on a given day. We identify trending words not by words that have the highest frequency counts on a given day, but words that have experienced the largest increase in a short period of time. Here we present an example of how a user can identify the top trending terms and interpret what they mean.

First, use the Cannabis Convo Trending page to see the previous day's top trending words. Below are the top words that were trending on December 19, 2016. The number following each word reveals the frequency of that word's use on December 19.

Twitter Trending Analysis

Notice the words "north" and "korea" have similar frequency counts for the day. Aside from the fact that we know these two words are often used together, we can also suspect they are trending together because of the close word count.
Next, navigate to the Term Volume Monitoring tool to investigate further. Delete out the prepopulated words in the tool, then type in the word "north" and then the word "korea" into the search field.

Twitter Trending Analysis

These results suggest the words "north" and "korea" are often used together, as they seem to spike and fall at similar times. However, "north" is generally be used more, likely due to its usage in other contexts (e.g., North Carolina). Now use the slider feature at the bottom of the tool to zoom in on the month of December.

Zoom on Peak Trend

Both words are clearly spiking on December 19, confirming that both words are indeed trending.
Lastly, one would probably want to know why these words are trending. To do this, navigate away from Cannabis Convo and instead useTwitter's advanced search on located at: On the advanced search page, search for tweets that use both the words "north" and "korea", and then use some marijuana related terms to drill down to the marijuana tweets. Also limit the date range to 12/18/2016 - 12/20/2016 to retrieve tweets published on December 19. The image below shows how to enter this information into the advanced search.

Zoom on Peak Trend

As seen from the search results, High Times tweeted about North Korea tourists purchasing marijuana at low prices, which was then retweeted over 3,000 times. As well, many other tweets on this day referenced the High Times article or its findings.

North Korea Tweet

Using the What's Trending tool we quickly identified a discussion taking place on Twitter. The above example is simply a demonstration of how to use Cannabis Convo tools. We hope Cannabis Convo and its resources help researchers identify new topics and trends in marijuana that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.