Explore Dispensary Networks

In a recent study we examined how medical cannabis dispensaries form social networks based upon common Twitter metrics like friends, followers, retweets, as well as hashtag and hyperlink usage. To investigate an interactive network, click on one of the cities below. Once you are looking at one of the networks, you can click on an individual dispensary to see all of their Twitter metrics and network connections that appear in the right menu. On the left, you can select groups that organize the dispensaries based upon similar patterns of metrics. The dispensary names can also be copied out of the network tool and searched in Twitter with an “@” in front of the name to learn more about dispensaries and discovers new keywords or hashtags that can be entered into the other tools.


...this study demonstrates the presence of two distinct sociocentric networks in California that serve as a starting point for further research.

Nicholas C. Peiper, Rob Chew, Peter Baumgartner, Scott P. Novak, Gary A. Zarkin